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Business matchmaking

We help you to find your local partner or buyer

By utilizing our business visit services, you can contact with those Iranian companies that are of your interest and have secure and reliable communication with them. This service is valid for three years and it includes:

Arranging business meetings and match-making services

Arranging and holding meeting can be challenging. In time of your request, we can put you in touch with related companies and organizations, both in governmental and private sectors and arrange your meetings with these parties, for you.

Related to your business and activities, we can introduce you active companies with potential collaboration prospective. Arranging meetings and building a reliable partnership are among services that we can provide.

Providing guided visits for Expos and special events:

Tehran is hots of more than 60 international and local exhibitions each year which are related to different parts of industry. During these exhibitions, both domestic and international suppliers, manufacturing companies and those high profile companies active in importing/exporting products participate.

International  events and exhibitions are potentially great opportunities for those potential buyers and business partners of Iran and other international countries to improve their business. Guided visits during these events can be provided as part of our services. You will be accompanied by an expert team who are fully capable of helping you with your requirements and requests. Additional business meetings with Iranian partners and companies can be arranged out of exhibition or other event venues, in case of your request.