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Hougou Ancient Village in Shanxi


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About this place

The little hamlet --Hougou Ancient Village (population 70) was designated as a model of ancient village worth saving and protecting. Feng Jicai, Vice Chairman of Chinese Art and Literary Association came here personally to unveil the plaque. Recognized as a gem of Chinese farming culture, the village has now become the focus of public attention.

Ancient village is the concrete expression of Chinese farming culture for thousands of years, and Hougou Ancient Village is the representative of Shanxi ancient villages and the typical works of traditional and characteristic architecture in Shanxi Province. Through analyzing the present situation of and prevention measures for Hougou Ancient Village, and connecting with local environment and architecture factors, this paper advances the basic principles of the protection of Hougou Ancient Village.

How to get there :

Hiring a car one hour drive from Taiyuan downtown to Hougou village.

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