Songtsam hotel Tacheng Tours – Tacheng, Yunnan Province, China

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Songtsam hotel Tacheng


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Hada, qibie village, Tacheng town, Weixi county, Deqin, China, Yunnan Province, Tacheng

About this place

Four spring-like Tacheng prefecture near the Mekong river and Yangtze river,  everywhere in Tacheng is green , an idyllic pastoral scene.    In addition to the Tibetan, naxi and lisu villages can be found here,  Tacheng is the idea destination for  those from metropolis !

Songtsam Tacheng hotel  is located in a small village, Hada Qibie village, with charming scenery, away from  tourists, hotel is facing picturique green farm field ,   with its back against a Naxi village and patches of vineyards, neighborhood with unusually beautiful rice paddies and full of blue irises valley  . with only nine rooms, each room has a big balcony,  when opened the window, beautiful countryside landscape is just around you which make you unwilling  to close the eyes.

At the same time,  hotel is solitude Located  on  the mountains, in the hotel also has much delicious waiting for you to taste .

In the summer, you can go to the village with employees to buy watermelon and different kinds of vegetable .  and the autumn, the village chestnuts,  corn is the special desert for the  afternoon tea in the hotel.  the rainbow trout, ham is also a rare delicacy!   Behind the hotel are pieces of vineyards,  during the grapes harvest season  in autumn , villagers would  give a passing guest pluck grapes  to taste.  local beekeepe  near the hotel produce honey which has no pollution and high quality, full of thick  flower fragrance ,  Songtsam hotel has their own vegetable garden is now has rich products, you can join the staff to tidy up the garden, or hand-picked the plants for the next meal needs.

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