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Kandovan village tourist attraction
روستای کندوان


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South west of Tabriz. 57 KM via road 21, Iran, Tabriz
Hours : 07:00 am - 09:00 pm

About this place

There is a village like Kappadocia ( in Turkey ) named Kandovan village in south west of Tabriz. It is a photogenic settlement of troglodyte homes and storage barns carved out of curiously eroded rocks. The most important point is that original native people are living inside that rocky houses yet! Over there is the most popular destination for tourists that traveled to north west of Iran. But natural-historical-oddy houses is not the only subject in this tour. Also you can visit 400 years old tree and historical-under ground houses in the way! I will stop the car for you and you can also visit them for free. You can use fresh air there near Mt Sahand and hicke some! Also the village and green nature around it is very suitable place for photographing. There is many shops for Iranian handcrafts and also special honey for this village. So you can enjoy shopping then! Read more: http://www.synotrip.com/tours/tabriz-0/iran-tour-guide/kavdovan-village#ixzz3MpEit5TC

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