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Theosophists of iran

Theosophists of iran are lover in all of their life.
They are in love of very very beautiful girl that never has seen her how ever thay can not tolerate seeing of her face and may be die if see her because she is very beautiful.
They only in rapture state can hear a little bit of her sond or see her hair or other sign of her and for a very short time but theosophist like chang all of their belongings with this short time.
if a theosophist be also a poet he will compose lovely poem and we will know about him
During the past time some of this kind people had miracle : walking on the water surface ,going to very far distance at the same time ....
It seem that this beautiful girl is a aspect of GOD beacause even in islam religion GOD iis the sourc of beauty , love ,light ,kind and all of good things.

But now in this poem it say :
i will try and try until can find she and go near to her that she is my soul and if i cannot find her i will try so much in this way that i die and my soul go out of my body