Itinerary for a Day Trip in Guangzhou , Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

Itinerary for a Day Trip in Guangzhou
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For a typical day trip in Guangzhou, it is suggest choose no more than three spots at the same time, namely, 1. Yuexiu Park, 2. Chen Family Temple, 3. Shamian Island. And if time permits, there are two more typical shopping spots in the same route, namely 4. Beijing Commercial Road and 5.Shangxiajiu Commercial Street, both situate in the western part of Guangzhou city.

While the new Canton TV tower is in the opposite direction of GZ, which lies in the new CBD of the city as the new landmark of GZ. BUT normally it's not advised to cover too many spots in a one-day trip regarding on the notorious traffic jam in Guangzhou downtown. Let alone the famous Baiyun Mountain, where the locals prefer to go for daily exercise with abundant time.

However, if you belong to the category of a busy while curious visitor who first come to Guangzhou, then you should carefully read these tips before starting your trip--

 1. Firstly, if you arrive in Guangzhou in the early morning, then you need to prepare something to eat before the trip, coz there is nothing good to eat before you reach the commercial places. Then you go downstairs to take the metro of Line3, then transfer to Line2, or take a taxi outside to directly reach Yuexiu Park. After spending 1 hour for the mountain climbing to admire the Sculpture of Five Goats symbolizing Canton.

2. Then, you can go for the next place of interest-- Chen Family Temple. Take the metro to Gongyuanqian station (it's where the Beijing Commercial Road lies)to transfer to Line1, get off at the station of Chen Clan Academy to spend around 2hrs there. This was a former Academy Institution exclusive only to those descendants who had the same family name of "Chen", built during the period of 1888~1894. Till 1988, the Chinese government declared it as one of the preservation of culture relics, and then ceased its usage as the Institution and transformed it into the nowadays museum for admiring the ancient architectural miracles, such as the unique carving skills of wood, stone, tilt, as well as other skills like ceramic sculpture, painted sculpture, iron casting, ect..

3. At noon, you can take a taxi to Guangzhou Restaurant(广州酒家) in Shangxiajiu Commercial Street, founded in 1939, to enjoy the most authentic and traditional Cantonese Dim Sum there for your lunch, you will like it so much!! The most recommended dim sum are: the Shrimp dumplings, the Honey- BBQ- pork bum, stuffed rice roll, varied seafood congee and so on.

4. After lunch, you can take a cab to Shamian Island, the former England and French Concession. As you may already know, that the most prosperous parts of the former Canton, lie just in the west, you will definitely find the most delicious food and snacks around there, also the fascinating preserved local culture as well as the combined style of the local architectures. You'll find more than 150 European style construction, including a prominent features new 42 baroque, imitation of gothic, new greco-roman and existent of Chinese and western style building, where is considered the most exotic emotional appeal of Guangzhou European complex.

5. Finally, you need to pay attention to your schedule and prepare to finish the day trip of GZ, still be careful of the traffic jam.

Voila, here comes the end of the day tour of GZ, do watch your time while you are making the tour, please take it in mind. However, Guangzhou is a too big city for just a one-day trip to fully cover, so if next time when you have more sufficient time, you will enjoy it a lot much better!


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