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Amongst the majestic mountains of Kalupahana in the Central Highlands; leaps the beautiful horsetail waterfall of Bambarakanda Ella. A Horsetail Fall descends a very nearly vertical rock face, maintaining some contact with it. As the tallest falls in the island, Bambarakanda has a vertical height of 263m (863 feet); and is ranked 299th amongst the tallest waterfalls of the world. Situated in the steep pine forested slopes of Badulla District, a mere 5m from the A4 highway; Bambarakanda originates from Kuda Oya, a branch of the Walawe River.

The area is a great spot for photography and picnics. There is a natural pool complex at the base of the falls; where you can also bathe before your meal, if you decide on a picnic.

Bambarakanda has a trail available for interested hikers to climb to the top of the falls. The crest has a beautiful miniature waterfall and a large pool which feeds the main falls. The uninterrupted views of the eastern plains also provide for some wonderful photo opportunities.