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Yala national park

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About this place

Ruhuna National Park at Yala is Sri Lanka's most popular wild life safari destination. Situated about 300kM from Colombo the 1250 sq kM park is home to leopards, crocodile, elephant, deer, sambar, bear, wild bore, wild buffalo and peacock and may varieties of birds including migratory birds such as flamingos. The uniqueness of the park is it's many different habitat diversities such as dense jungles, lagoons and open park areas, a beautiful sea front and rocky outcrops. Months of January and May are peak month for best of the vegetation and the dry season is from June to October. Hiring of four wheel drive jeep a must for those who want to wonder in to its many trails to explore the national park. 
There are many archaeological sites within the park and the ancient monastery of Sithulpahuwa situated at a beautiful rocky platform is among it's most visited sites. 
Salt pans at Palatupana is a popular location for bird watching. 
The leopards is the largest member of the wild cats found in Sri Lanka and Yala is probably the best location to view these beast in their natural habitat. 

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