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Adam's peak


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About this place

Hill climb of a different type to witness a spectacular sun rise or just for the thrill of the panoramic views of Sri Lanka or for pleasure . Not just a trail but a prilgimage to a summit secred to all of the world's major releigions. The most popular hill trail in Sri Lanka to 2200m above sea level. The season is between December and April when the summit is not misty and relatively dry. There are two popular starting points from the directions of Hatton or Ratnapura.

Easily recognisable from many areas of the western / southern parts of the country because of it's triangle shape summit as well as from the sea to the west. Secret to Christians Muslims as well as Hindus while to Buddhist it is one of the places where Buddha has visited and left a footprint. Today it has been covered by a boulder. The first climbs dates back to 1000AD by then king Vijayabahu I who had built resting places for travellers. Travellers like Ibn Batuta a Arab pilgrim (1304-1377), and Marco Polo (1254-1324) have recorded visiting the summit. 

There are few routes to Sri Pada the most used routes are from Ratnapura side or from Hatton/Maskeliya. Public bus services are available from both towns as well as from Colombo and other major towns during the season.
From Ratnapura Side. The difficult path start from about 30km from via Kuruwita, Gilimale, Ratnapura. The climb is about 4-6 hours.
Busses are From Hatton, Special Bus service to Sri Pada is available from various destinations. Alternatively visitors by bus from Colombo (or else where) may first go to Maskeliya and then to Delhousie where vehicular approaches end. The trail is around 8 kM. And the climb would take 2-3 hours minimum depending on how fit you are.
The forest around the area is a wild life sanctuary famous for its butterflies but also and contains a wealth of flora and fauna. 

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