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Buduruwagala Rock Temple

Little Visited by Foreign Tourist, Buduruwagala Boasts Seven Colossal rock-cut figures that are said to date from 10th Century. Carved in Low Relief, the impressive sculptures belong Mahayana School of Buddhism, Which Enjoyed Royal Patronage between the 03rd & 10th Century AD.




In the Centre is a 16 M (52ft) high standing Buddha in the “abhaya mudra” Flanked on Either Side by a group of three sculptures. The Central of the Three Figures to the Buddha’s right is thought to Represent Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisathva of compassion in Mahayana Buddhism. He can be identified by the Image of Meditating Buddha on the crown he wears. The figure still bears orange paint around the head and white stucco on the Body; all the other sculptures may originally have been decorated in a similar fashion. The female figures to the right thought to be the Mahayana hoddess,Tara


Among the Group of Figures to the left of the Buddha, the one in center is believed to be Maitreya, the Fifth and Future Buddha. Sculpture to his left depicts the Tibetan Bodhisattva Vajirapani symbol, while the figure to right is thought to be Vishnu.