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The best effort should be made to provide a good time for travellers.

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A fantastic new day

Kashan is an amazing city.

 It includes various fascinating sites and attractions.

My Italian friend and I got to Kashan and took a taxi to Noosh Abad ( an underground city dating back to 2000 years ago)

Noosh Abad is a lot to say about , so amazing and unbelievale

In kashan, the historical houses including Borojerdiha House and  Tababaiha House were visited and gave us the intuition of the people and the way of their living in those huge houses with the complicated improved system of inhibition

Sultan Ahmad Bathroom remained from the Safavid time (400 years ago) was visited

and Agha Bozorg Mosque was seen

For lunch the delicious Kebab

and for the  souvenir Gollab or  Rosewater...

and finally the time to get back to Isfahan

hopefully the next experience with YOU :-)