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Siwa Oasis
واحة سيوة


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You know that oasis within the desert are very important. They are like the proof that live exists in the middle of all that sand. Ancient as well as modern people are aware of that. Siwa Oasis is located in the Libyan Desert and there are about 23 000 people living there. The majority of inhabitants in Siwa are Berbers. It is pretty isolated and far from other Egyptian greater cities and nevertheless it attracts numerous visitors.

All visitors must be aware that this is not the sort of stereotypical oasis where there is only a bit of water and one palm tree.

This oasis is actually spread on an area 80km long and 20 km wide.

The most popular tourist attraction here is the oracle to Amon for which it was called Ammonium in its history.
You might be amazed by the fact that the area has been settled since 10th millennium BC.

Due to long isolation from the rest of the world there are many traditions in Siwa which are not used in the rest of the country.
Beside the oracle to Amon there are also the remains of Fortress of Shali dating back to the 13th century and that was built in mud and brick where hundreds of people could live. A strong storm destroyed much of Shali and today only its remains are visible.

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