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Which is the better place for you to see panda?

There're 2 popular places to see the panda, that is chengdu panda base and Bifengxia panda base.
Chengdu panda base (short for C), is about 40mins drive away from the city, and bifengxia panda base (short for B) is about 2.5 hour drive away from chengdu city.
Both C and B is similar in design, you can visit pandas in different ages in different enclosures. Even though B is located more close to forest, but the panda base is similar like C.

So what's the differece between C and B?
B has about 180 pandas, and C has about 140 pandas, but for visitors, normally you can only see around 30 pandas both in B and C.
B has the best of the best Volunteer programme, so if you wanna do volunteer work, B is the better choice.
In B, there're 3 donation programme, that is:
you can make 1000rmb donation, to have a picture sit beside with a panda around 2 year old;
3000rmb, to  have a picture sit beside with a panda around 1 year old;
5000rmb, you can go inside the enclosure to play with the panda around 1 year old and hug and play for about 3mins.

In C, there's only one donation programme, that is exactly same as 3000rmb donation programme, but in chengdu panda base, you only need to make 2000rmb donation.

Normally C is very crowded, especially on weekends, and B has less visitors, so if you do like quite atmosphere, B is the better place.

What's more, you can also see some red pandas in C.

I hope this would be helpful to some of you. I'd like to share more information of pandas with you, Cause I love panda!

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