Tagong Tours – Sichuan Province, Kangding, China

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Tagongxiang, China, Kangding, Sichuan Province
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About this place

Buddha likes here as legend goes. Tagong beholds its authenticity yet not very far from Chengdu or either Kangding. It is a place of Tibetan nomads people and Buddhist schools. It cradles Buddhist monks for the vast Kham or even the whole Tibet. You shall be amazed by its people and culture. A one-hour fly from Chengdu and a pleasant hiking for travelers.

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Re: Tagong

By Qinqin,

Licensed Tour Guide / Business Interpreter in shanghai and Hangzhou


Tagong means " a place where Buddha likes ".  There is a very interesting legend about the name. It says when Princess  Wencheng entered Tibet through here, The Buddha statue which was brought by princess suddenly started to talk and showed he would like to stay here. So people duplicatated  a Buddha and left it here。This is how the temple from. 

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