Moxi Town Tours – Sichuan Province, Hailuogou, China


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Moxi Town


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Hailuogou Glacier entrance, China, Hailuogou, Sichuan Province

About this place

Moxi Town is on the West Sichuan Province in Ganzi Tibetan autonomous region south of Luding County, is located in the Gongga Mountain Scenic Zone Dongpo, Hailuogou glacier over the entrance to the Forest Park, is the Hailuogou scenic area external protection zone, is the Hailuogou scenic tourist reception base and entrance, Moxi Town is 304 kilometers, 52 kilometers away from Luding, from the Kang about 70 kilometers, the highway now has been completed from Moxi to Kangding , travelling through Hailuogou can go directly to the Kangding plateau city . this is also on the way from Sichuan to Tibet.

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