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Shangli Old Town


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Shangli Old Town,Ya'an City,Sichuan Province, China, Sichuan Province
Hours : 24 hours

About this place

Shangli Old Town is an ancient water town 20 km away from the Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Breeding Center. Surrounded by mountains and water, Shangli Old Town is noted for its evergreen trees, delicate hillocks, wooden resident houses, stone-paved streets, pagodas, ancient archways, caves,  prings, and ancient stone bridges. The environment here is well protected, and the sites and scenery retain the ancient style. Shangli Old Town is listed as one of  the 10 most pretty Ancient towns in Sichuan by the provincial cultural relics bureau.

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By Nick,

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god, i never heard this old town before. the houses look very nice

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