Heihu Qiang Mountain Tribe Village Tours – Sichuan Province, Aba, China

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Heihu Qiang Mountain Tribe Village


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Aba Maoxian Heihu Village, China, Aba, Sichuan Province
Hours : 24hours

About this place

Unlike many other Qiang village in Maoxian or Wenchuan which were completely destroyed by the 2008 earthquake and rebuilt after that. The Heihu Qiang Village survives in the earthquake because it's 100 km away from the disaster. The Qiang people in this isolated remote mountain village are still keeping their traditional lifestyle, ladies dress their pretty hand made embroidered costume in everyday life. The village is few visited by tourists,quite peaceful and not commercialized yet. But easily to find a guest house there,no worry for accommodation and dining.

How to go there: Bus from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station(茶店子汽车站)to Maoxian(3.5 hours) then hire a min van to the village(cost a bout 50Yuan for one way,30min).


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Re: Heihu Qiang Mountain Tribe Village

By Nick,

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amazin landscape of the last picture
and the building looks like the one in Danba

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