Jiuzhaigou Valley Tours – Sichuan Province, Aba, China

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Jiuzhaigou Valley


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Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot, China, Aba, Sichuan Province
Hours : 7:30am~5:30pm

About this place

There is a chinese saying: "九寨归来不看水." It means: You have no wish to visit any other lakes after viewing the Jiuzhaigou Valley. The colourful lakes and snow mountains in Jiuzhaigou make it like a fairyland in the world, espacially in autumn, the leaves change colour into yellow, orange, red...make the whole valley looks like a colourful painting!

Jiuzhaigou takes it's name from the nine tibetan villages in the valley. Jiu means nine, zhai means village, gou means valley.

As a most popular scenic spot in China, the per day visitors number was once up to 30,000 in the national day of 2013! This made a big trouble for the park at that time, so as such popular place to go in China, you'd better not to go there in chinese national holiday, otherwise you can only see people mountain and people sea(人山人海)!

And the last thing to remind you is: even the park is close at 5:30pm, but usaully the workers in the park will ask you to take the last sightseeing bus at 4:30 in the park to go down  if you are still at somewhere far from the gate , because it is really a big park, it gonna take you quite a long time to visit along the way back. So if you want to visit the whole spots in the park, better to hurry up when visiting.

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By summerwong,

A friendly and experienced local guide in Chengdu.

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