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Vakil Bazar
بازار وکیل


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Shiraz, after the Shahr dari Square (Arg of Karim Khan), next to the Vakil's mosque , Iran, Shiraz
Hours : From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

About this place

Vakil Bazar in Shiraz, was built in 11th Century by Karim Khan Zand as part of a plan to make Shiraz into a prominent trading center. This amazing Bazar is a trade hub for merchants selling spices, rugs, handmade copper pieces, antiques, Persian sweets and much more.

The mixture of colors and smells in this old Bazar makes a nice and possetive atmosphere. This isn’t just a tourist trap like you find at similar spots around the world. Vakil Bazaar is a place where locals actually do their shopping. 

The gorgeous vaulted brick ceiling regulates the temperature of the building by keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. This makes it a great place to escape the heat which can at times during the summer, be suffocating.

It reallyfeels good just to go walk among the people there.

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