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Saray Moushir
سرای مشیر


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Shiraz, after the Shahr dari Square (Arg of Karim Khan), next to the Vakil's mosque , Iran, Shiraz
Hours : From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

About this place

Saraye Moshir is a separate part of Vakil Bazaar. It is a perfect place to rest, and have Faloodeh or ice cream and relax by the beautiful pond, and even buy more souvenirs! Saraye Moshir is located in the heart of historical Vakil Bazaar on its southern side, You might not notice that you are entraning this Bazaar, because the architecture is like the main building. But, there are some items in this spot that will make you feel different compared to other parts of Bazaar. Like when you reach the southern part of Vakil Bazaar, you will see an old door with tactful architecture and traditional Persian door knobs on it. As you pass the entrance, you will see an octagon yard with tall plane trees and the pleasant smell of sour orange blossoms will caress your nose (if you plan to visit this place in spring, of course). There are shops all around the site in two stories, and in the middle of the yard, you can find the pool which became more attractive because of the flowers pot like geranium. This cozy traditional bazaar is more than 250 years old. It was built in the order of Mirza Abolhassan MoshirolMolk, a governor of Shiraz province. Its original function was a place for shopping, but throughout the history, due to its unique features, architecture, and the fact that it is more private rather than other parts of Bazaar, it performed as a museum, traditional restaurant, and Tea-Serving center. If you are lucky enough, you might have the chance to meet the guardian of Saraye Moshir. He is lovely and mellifluous, and he wears a traditional costume.

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