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in 135 km northern of shiraz on Morqab plain, Iran, Shiraz
Hours : in Fall and Winter its open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and in Spring and Summer from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM

About this place

In the year 550 BC, Cyrus the Great, established the Achaemenid Iranian government and chose Pasargad as the first capital for it, a large, plain that was flooded by the Pulwar River. And it was respected until the last king of Achaemenid as a sacred place, and the coronation ceremony of the kings was held there. The tomb of the Cyrus the Great, is in Pasargad plain. Cyrus the Great was born in Pars land in 599 BC. His father, Cambyses I, was one of the local kings of Persia and his mother, Mandana, the daughter of Astiac, the last king of Madad.

In the past the tomb of cyrus the great was between the royal gardens that appeared across the plain. This building is, at the same time, very beautiful and impressive, and it was built on the orders of Cyrus the Great. The construction of the tomb is carried out with precision engineering, which is still firmly in place after 25 centuries. The tomb is 156 square meters and its height is about 11 meters. The stones used in the construction of it are from white marble, which was extracted from Mount Sivand 30 km southwest of Pasargad and moved to this place. The Achaemenid engineers and stone workers have placed the rocks in a precise manner and in such a way that no mortar used in the construction of the tomb and only metal fasteners (iron and lead) were used to attach the stone blocks to each other. The tomb is in seven floors, taken from the holy number seven among Iranians. The tomb of Cyrus has been holy and honorable at all times. 

This complex contains of:

-Proprietary palace

-Water Gardens of the kingdom

-Baraam’s palace

-Gate’s palace

-Winged man stones

-Stone tower

-Defensive battlefields of Tole Takht

-Sacred area

-Tight rhetoric

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

 Due to the rain,heat,wind,snow and other situational aspects most of the above mentioned spots are ruined and just some small parts are left. this place is an interesting tourism sight which attracts people from all around the world every year just to visit it once in their life.

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