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Khan School
مدرسه خان


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Ishaq Beyg neighborhood and on the street of Lotf Ali Khan Zand after Ahmadi three-way, on the left, Iran, Shiraz
Hours : 8:00 AM to 13:30 at noon and 14:30 PM to 6:00 PM

About this place

 َAn old school placed at the center of Shiraz , which was was one of the biggest study-centers of Iran. It was founded by the governor of Shiraz(Allaah'Verdi Khan Gorji), in the early 18 century AD. It was once among the scholastic centers by the order of Shah Abbas safavi. Its great arches decorated with beautiful tiling and the anthemion ornamentation used in its architecture, the invocation and inscription of holly numbers in different sections of it. The school consists of five classrooms standing in for five holly figures of shiia (namely, Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, Ali, his groom, Fatima, his daughter, and their two sons, Hassan and Hussein) and among these classrooms one was exclusively at the service of Mullah'Sadra the Iranian famous philosopher.

The original building has been extensively damaged by earthquakes and only the impressive portal at its entrance has remained you can enjoy seeing engrossing art inside the outer arch and some intricate 

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