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Eram Garden
باغ ارم


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Fars province- Shiraz city- Eram street, Iran, Shiraz
Hours : It is open from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM

About this place

In a corner of the northwest of Shiraz, the beautiful gardens show that during the years, the cold and warm weather has been kept alive. Despite numerous studies and researches, there is still no information from the date of construction and the founder of the Garden of Eram in Shiraz; however, the existence of the name of this garden in the 10th and 11th centuries AH travelogues indicates its existence during the said times. In each period, despite changes in the garden, its area has also increased and decreased, but today its size is about 110,380 square meters.

A large pool, water circulation in the garden and the greenery of the trees are only part of the beauty of this attraction. It is surrounded by a gardens that stare every eye.

The two upper floors of the building have columns that are inspired by the Persepolis to create their beauty and magnificence in mind. Pictures of Naser-al-Din Shah Qajar, stories from Ferdowsi and military, including Suleiman and Queen Saba, Rostam Pahlavan, Khosrow Shirin, Yusuf and Zulikha, and ancient Persian literature and religious stories, including paintings that you see on the statue of this building and immersed in pleasure you will.

What caused the name of this garden to be, is the great mansion and garden that was commissioned by the son of Imad, the king of Saudi Arabia, in order to compete with Paradise. He, hearing the description of Paradise, decided to build gardens and palaces to simulate it. He created a paradise in Damascus, Alexandria or in Yemen, between Sanaa and Hazrat Moat, a city or garden, but when he wanted to enter his army, they all died near the city and his paradise for an unknown reason sank deep inside the earth.

It has its beauty in all the seasons but it is a true paradise specialy in spring with a large range of flowers and the most delighted weather.

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