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As in most Chinese cities, the taxi business in China is intensely competitive. Drivers have to put in ten-hour shifts seven days a week just to get by. In Shenzhen, a driver will have to earn RMB500-600 each day to cover the rental and running costs of the car. Unsurprisingly, overcharging is not uncommon and strangers to the city are likely targets. If you feel that your driver has taken you on a circuitous route or that the amount on the meter does not correspond to the distance travelled, get a receipt and ask the staff at your hotel to help you make a complaint. Sometimes  a driver will take a roundabout route so as to avoid heavy traffic and, thus, delays and even higher costs. To avoid problems be wary of touts and drivers who quote a price instead of using the meter. At the train station (Luohu border) go directly to the taxi stand at the basement level. Never get in a cab that does not have the driver's taxi license displayed on the dashboard.