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Zhongshan Park


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Shennan Blvd., Nanshan Dist., China, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen
Hours : 5am – 10pm

About this place

Zhongshan Park is dedicated to one of Guangdong’s most celebrated sons, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who is represented in a large sculpture at the park’s main entrance. In Hero-Gathering Lawn, several local historical heroes from ancient and modern times are honoured with sculptures by renowned artists. Driving home the revolutionary spirit of the park, a monument to martyrs of the liberation struggle stands among trees in the south side. 

Although Zhongshan Park is not as pretty or as tidy as Lotus Hill Park, its proximity to Nantou Ancient City  -- Nantou can be entered from the park’s southern edge -- makes it worth a peek. A stroll on the lawns by Zhongshan Park’s lake will be a pleasant conclusion to exploring the crowded lanes of Nantou.

Zhongshan Park’s main gate can be entered from Shennan Boulevard, the far western end of Shennan Road, near Nanshan Bus Station. Alternatively, the park can be entered from the north side of Nantou Ancient City.

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Zhongshan Park is great!

<p>Zhongshan Park is great, it has a lake inside which you can rent a boat with your family, kids like this a lot.&nbsp; Many rides inside of the park and normally the tickets price is around 2-3 Yuan, the higest one is 10 Yuan, so it` s a wonderful place for family on the weekend to come.</p>

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