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Meisha Beach Parks

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Xiao and Da Meisha Beach Parks, Dapeng Bay, Yantian Dist., China, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen
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About this place

The tourist brochure for the Meisha Beach Parks needlessly states that this area “is a good land where people lived, procreated and done diving into the sea” since ancient times. You might not want to live or procreate here but it is not a bad spot to feel some sand between your toes and gaze at fishing boats at work.
Da Meisha and Xiao Meisha are the two beaches that make up this coastal scenic area. Both of them have been shaped into parks, with restaurants and shops serving day-trippers from the city centre. There is an aquarium zoo, jet skiing, boating, bungee jumping, and other resort-type activities. Da Meisha is a public area, while Xiao Meisha has a RMB20 entry fee. The only real difference is that the ticket price ensures no hassle from beggars.
At one end of Da Meisha there is a rocky little cove next to a public garden called Lunar Square (Moonlight Square would be a better translation). This is a popular spot for wedding photos and there seems to be a few wedding parties there almost everyday. It’ s quite a spectacle to behold as photographers have the newly-wed couples precariously perch themselves on rocks while frantic bridesmaids try to keep wedding gowns out of the surf. There is a bar and “western food” restaurant next to Lunar Square. The food is sub-standard but the beer garden is a nice setting for a drink.
Xiao Meisha --  the smaller of the two -- tends to be a bit less crowded but has more restaurants and shops near it. It also offers the bizzare spectacle of local tourists all wearing identical 1950s-style swimsuits, which are rented out nearby.
While the Meisha Beach Parks are too built-up and busy to inspire castaway fantasies, they are decent places to have some seaside fun and are easy to get to from the city.
Meisha can be reached in about 40mins by bus from Luohu District. Bus nos. 103, 360, 364 and 380 will get you there. This is the same route that will eventually take you to Dapeng Ancient City.

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Let`s go swimming and surfing at Meisha Beach !
<p>The summer is coming, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter, let`s go to Meisha Beach and enjoy the cold taht sea brings us.&nbsp; Meisha Beach is the best place to swimming, surfing and sun bathing in Shenzhen.</p>

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