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Lotus Hill Park

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Hongli West Rd., Futian Dist. , China, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen
Hours : 5am–11:30pm

About this place

Lotus Hill Park -- also referred to as Lianhua Mountain Park and Lianhuashan Park --  is an oasis of open green spaces, winding scenic paths, leaf-sheltered picnic spots and heady floral fragrances, bang-smack in the heart of the city’s new business district. The park has a lake and two hills as well as 166 hectares of grass, plants, flowers and trees.
The focal point of the park is Mountain-Top Square. This large viewing area is at the top of the southern hill and commands excellent vistas of Shenzhen. There is a large statue of a confident Deng Xiaoping striding forward and looking benevolently over the city whose creation he inspired. This statue was erected on the Chinese National Day in 2000, which is recorded in an inscription on the base in the handwriting of Deng’s successor Jiang Zemin.
The Urban Planning Show is housed in a small building and records the history of the park in the form of a photograph exhibition. In one of the shots, Deng’s statue appears to be smirking down on a large group of Miss World contestants. The exhibit also includes a scale model of Shenzhen.
Lotus Hill Park is one of the best public parks in China; it allows a real sense of escape from the city. The best time to visit is in the late afternoon and early evening when the views of Shenzhen are bathed in a soft light and the park becomes illuminated by the glow of lanterns.
Suggested Route
Enter the park at the southeast entrance and follow the path to Kite-Flying Square. From here proceed uphill to Mountain-Top Square. Follow the main road (from behind Deng’s statue) passing the Urban Planning Show until a junction appears. Take the path on the right up the northern hill to a viewing pavilion. Follow the path downhill to the next junction and turn left in the direction of the lake. This path is interrupted by the main road but can be picked up again on the other side. This will eventually lead to the southern edge of the lake and alongside Palm Meadow. There is a teahouse here in a traditional style building set amongst bamboo trees. After passing the teahouse you will arrive back at Kite-Flying Square.
At a leisurely pace this route will easily fill up three hours. The park’s features are well signposted and there are large maps at key areas.
The easiest way to get to Lotus Hill Park is by metro. Exit B2 at Shao Nian Gong station, on Line 4 will bring you across the road from the park’s south-eastern gate. Bus nos. 25, 60, 235 and 236 stop at its main entrance.

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