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Chiwan Tianhou Palace Temple

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No.9 Chiwan 6th Rd. Nanshan Dist. , China, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen
Hours : 7am–5:30pm

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Chiwan Tianhou Palace Temple 赤湾天后宫庙
7am –5:30pm
No.9 Chiwan 6th Rd. Nanshan Dist. 南山区赤湾六路9号
(0755) 26851350
Admission: RMB15
Chiwan Tianhou Palace Temple is dedicated to the worship of Tianhou -- or Matsu, as the coastal people of South Asia more commonly know her. Matsu is the Chinese goddess of the sea. She protects fishermen and others whose lives are dependent on the capriciousness of the ocean. She is worshipped in Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau as well as in the Chinese communities of South East Asia.
The Chiwan Tianhou Palace Temple sits at the foot of Xiaonan Hill facing the sea (and surrounded by ship-container yards) in the western part of Shenzhen. There has been a temple here since the late Southern Song dynasty (AD1127-1279), which developed and expanded over the course of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
At the front of the temple complex a large statue of Matsu stands between Moon Pond and Sun Pond, facing a Drum Tower, a Bell Tower and the entrance to the inner courtyard. Just inside the courtyard and behind a small shrine to earth deities, stands the “Celestial Tree.” Those experiencing difficulties or challenges ease their worried minds by writing petitions on red cards and tying them to its branches. Inside the main building an impressive standing statue of Matsu is flanked by large conical stands comprised of numerous small lights. Businesses and households purchase these lights in the hope that they will shine good fortune on them.
Chiwan Tianhou Palace Temple is a popular place of worship and attracts visitors from home and abroad. The two weeks leading up to Matsu’s birthday, which falls on the 23rd day of the 3rd month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, is a busy period for the temple and an ideal time for visitors to witness a centuries-old, Chinese tradition in action.

Chiwan Tianhou Palace Temple is a RMB15 cab ride from Seaworld in Shekou. It can also be reached by bus nos. 226 and 433.

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Best sunset view at Chiwan Tianhou Palace Temple.
<p><br /> Chiwan Tianhou Palace Temple located at Xiao Nanshan, and facing the sea, the views are great, and you can have the best sunset view at the dusk, it is a popular place of worship and attracts visitors from home and abroad.</p>

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