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Nature sightseeing in Shenzhen China

At first glance, Shenzhen seems to be not much more than a modern metropolis, but a short metro/bus ride can take you to see the many amazing natural attractions it also offers. Here are five highlights

  1. Lychee Park (荔枝公园) – Address: 1001 Hongling Mid Road, Futian District  深圳福田区红岭中路1001号
  2. Shenzhen Xianhu Fairy Lake Botanical Garden (仙湖植物园) – Address: 160 Xianhu Rd, Luohu
  3. Yantian and the Dapeng Peninsula inc. Xichong Beach (深圳西涌沙滩), Daimeisha (大梅沙海滨公园), Yangmeikeng (杨梅坑) and Dongchong (深圳东涌沙滩)
  4. Phoenix Mountain (深圳凤凰山) – Address: Fenghuang Village, Bao’an District, Shenzhen 深圳市宝安区福永街道凤凰村
  5. Mt Wutong (梧桐山) – Address: Begin from Wutong Shan Village (梧桐山村)

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