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Splendid China and China folk cultural village


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No. 9003,Shennan road,Nanshan district., China, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen
Hours : 6

About this place

Splendid China & China Folk Culture Villages In Shenzhen , Guangdong province, China

China’s first cultural theme park / National 5A tourist attraction/National Model Group for the Unity and Advancement of Nationalities / China’s first tourist attractions with ISO9002

As China’s first cultural theme park, as well as a national 5A tourist attraction of the first batch approved, splendid china & Folk culture village ushers in a condenses the Chinese history,culture, places of interest,folk arts and customs, as well as folk housing in the course of the 5000 civilization, displaying the rich and long-standing Chinese culture from different angles and profiles.

Known as must-see shows in Shenzhen , the 3 daily shows in our park exhibit the essence of Chinese culture.

Walking around our park , you can enjoy beautiful sceneries of China ,appreciate Chinese cultures , watch exciting shows ,have fun with traditional Chinese entertainments, eat traditional Chinese food, and get to know Chinese culture.

Visual & Performing live horse battle with stunt shows –Legend of the Desert

Show time : 15:00 (Closed on Monday)

Legend of the Desert- China’s first visual and performing live horse battle with stunt shows ,and honored product of Splendid China & China Folk Culture Villages in 2017.

This is a victory over evil immortal legend happened in the frontier city along the ancient silk Road in the early years of the Yuan Dynasty, the epic glory goes down in history . With amazing special effects, dynamic fighting shows, comical 3D interactions, horse fighting scenes, wild dragon skills , get ready to challenge your imagination.

The stories hidden in camel rings, legends along the ancient Silk Road, heroic undertakings of justice and anthems of national unity all await your experience.

Some shows at Folk Culture Villages , such as : The Tianshan people , Mysterious Tibet ...etc.

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