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ShenZhen Safari Park


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About this place

Here, you seem having come to an animal kingdom and can see various rare birds and famous beasts such as tiglon, liger, penguin and any other birds and animals that you can see in the painting of Beasts’ Pageant. 
Shenzhen Safari Park, as the first stocking safari park in China, is built on the bank of the Xili Lake of Shenzhen with picturesque scenery and covers an area of more than 1,200,000m2. It is a miracle place worthy visiting and the rare and various birds and beasts, elegant and calm natural environment and unique garden design are the first in China.
Shenzhen Safari Park has more than 300 species of and approximately 10,000 wild animals, which are from over the world and include many world’s rare birds and famous beasts and China’s Class 1 and Class 2 protected animals, such as giant panda, spun gold, South China tiger, Northeast China tiger, flamingo, Magellanic penguin, giraffe, zebra, Asian elephant, red-crowned crane, rhinoceros etc together with 8 rare tiglons and ligers reproduced by the park. By now, Shenzhen Safari Park is the only one zoon with tiglons and ligers in the world. 
The design and construction of Shenzhen Safari Park completely goes beyond of the common cage-breeding mode popular in the domestic city zoos of China and all animals can freely live in the open place and seem living in the natural environment. The whole park is divided into three areas, i.e. the Vegetarian Area, the Wild Animal Area and the Walk Performance area. In the performance area, there is the crocodile pool, the aquarium, the money mountain, the omnivorous animal hall, the American lizard hall, the ape village, the birds’ fairyland, the middle-sized beast hall and the giant panda hall etc. There five performance fields or halls have many wonder animal performances, especially the large animal square song and dance play-Beasts’ Pageant is initial and unique in the world. In addition, the funny animal fishing, animal selling stores and animal story mall are unique in the zoos in the world.


Admission Fee: RMB 120
Opening Hours: 08:30—18:00
Address:East Side, Xili Lake, Shenzhen
BUS: 101 104 237(A/line) 240  361

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