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Shenzhen top 10 visit places

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is located in the southern Pearl River estuary, north-east, close to Hong Kong which is China's emerging cities in special economic zones. Formerly Baoan County, Shenzhen City, January 23, 1979 it became a city. Since reform and opening, the rapid modernization has greatly changed the face of Shenzhen, the city is full of skyscrapers which tower. Shennan Avenue 1 km-long sculpture gallery, for this young city has cast a bright artistic. Has jurisdiction over Shenzhen Futian, Luohu, Nanshan, Bao'an and Longgang and Yantian District, of which six Futian, Luohu, Nanshan, Yantian for the special economic zones, the city's total area of 2016 square kilometers, the resident population of about 3.45 million people, of which the household registration population of 1.033 million people . Special Economic Zone area of 327.5 square kilometers, population about 122 million people, of which the household registration population of about 632,000.

Shekou, Shenzhen city 30 kilometers away from the waterway 20 nautical miles away from Central, Hong Kong, the mountain overlooking strategic location and convenient transportation. Shekou Industrial Zone, an area of about 14 square kilometers from Hong Kong China Merchants investment and development, has become a satellite industrial city of Shenzhen, and opening-up port. With the progress of the South China Sea oil exploration and development, high-tech electronics, light industry, petrochemical industry and deep-water port is already built or under construction. At the same time a variety of tourist services and facilities, such as China's first maritime tourist center ---- Sea World, Greenery Court, senior villas are built one after another.

Sha Tau Kok, 17 kilometers away from Shenzhen city, was known as the SAR inside the "Special Administrative Region." There is a town long enough, the wide non-profit nijo's Chung Ying Street, to middle of the street as the border June 30, 1997 nor the military demarcation line, but the bridge interlinked, the shop is relatively, free exchanges, mutual trade. Here Chinese and foreign brand-name goods dazzling, intense competition, there is a "shopping paradise," said. Visitors to the Chung Ying Street, The People's Republic of China border management area is required to hold special permits for entry.

As bellowing which is the turism area in Shenzhen.

1 Splendid China

Splendid China five thousand years of China's scenic condensed history, culture and scenic spots throughout the country; it is a reflection of Chinese history, culture, ancient architecture and ethnic customs of the richest, most vivid and most comprehensive Virtual miniature scenic spot. Park in the 82 spots according the Chinese territory distribution, the most copied by 1:15. Of which more than 50,000 life-like ceramic villain and animals embellished in various spots, and vividly in our country's history, culture and folk customs. There is also a comprehensive service within the scenic area - Suzhou Street, retains the characteristics of China's traditional commercial neighborhood, you can eat Beijing, Guangdong and other places Chuansu flavor snacks, as well as performances and all kinds of Chinese handicrafts handicrafts, native products available for purchase.

"Overview of five thousand years of culture and style meta-80000 Lane," Chinese Folk Culture Village includes 21 of the 24 villages of China's ethnic minorities, according to 1:1 completed, the "Chinese Folk Museum, known as" Folk Culture Village assembles the various parts of China The national dress, national flavor, national architecture and folk art style. Scenic ethnic customs charming performances, the thrills of passion involved in the project; large-scale performance "generation Tianjiao", "Oriental Colorful," "Dragon Dance China" has brought to people, apart from shock, but also makes the enjoyment of art

2 Window's of the world

A set of world wonders, historical relics, natural scenery, and folk customs in one of the large-scale theme park, the landscape wonderful, wonderful show.

    Scenic area is divided into the World Square, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Africa, Americas, modern technology and entertainment district, the World Sculpture Park, the International Street, nine scenic spots and build a 118 miniature landscapes, including the Egyptian pyramids, and Karl ng temple, Cambodia, Angkor Wat, the United States Grand Canyon, Paris Arc de Triomphe, India, Taj Mahal, Leaning Tower of Pisa and so on. 1 / 3 ratio of imitation of the Eiffel Tower built, high 108 meters, visitors can take the elevator to the top of the tower overlooking the scenery of Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

International Street in the garden, visitors can enjoy the flavor of meals all over the world and German beer, Hawaii ice cream, you can also buy handicrafts countries. In addition, the evening where there will be "Carnival Night" Art Parade, mainly performed around the world, folk dance and folk customs.

3 Happy Valley

Is a financial participation, spectacle, entertainment, interest in one of China's modern theme park.

The whole park is divided into nine major topic areas: the Spanish Square, Toontown, adventure mountain, Happy Island, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-La Forest, Hurricane Bay, Sunshine Coast, coupled with Trolltech's Maya Water Park (annual May 1 ~ 10 7 open), there are more than 100 ages, a variety of recreational items. From the United States, the Netherlands, Germany and other developed countries to introduce a number of unique items the country and even in Asia: China's first high-altitude swinging "discoverer", the world's latest, Riding the family in Asia Project "UFO", the world's highest drop the "rapids Yong-Jin, "China's first suspended roller coaster," Snow Dragon ", China's first tunnel-style" mine car ", China's first" perfect storm ", one of China's first" classical imitation train, Central Park, ", the highest in Asia, China's first "adventure tower" - the space shuttle, Asia's first set of visual, auditory, tactile in one of the four-dimensional cinema, the only Asian International Water Park Association received the International Award "Industry Innovation Award" of the Mayan water amusement parks ... ... of those items accompanied by a realistic and perfect the theme of packaging, creating a beautiful environment and pleasant, with the western United States and China, northern Tibet style 0 landscape. Soul-stirring journey again and again, one by one confusing story, so that visitors feel a Yizhenyihuan mysterious realm.

4 Minsk aircraft carrier in the world

Minsk aircraft carrier in the world is located in Shenzhen, Sha Tau Kok beach, adjacent to the famous Chung Ying Street, is currently China and the world's only aircraft carrier as the main body with a military theme park, was awarded the "National Popular Science Education Base" and " Guangdong Military science education base. " Minsk aircraft carrier Minsk aircraft carrier in the world by the Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd. invested several billion yuan, a decommissioned Soviet aircraft carrier "Minsk" was formed as the main building, set tourism, science education, national defense education in one.

Park by the sea, and land-based aircraft carrier Minsk Minsk Square, two parts. First aircraft carrier at sea open to the public nearly 3 million square meters of sightseeing areas, the original carrier of the weapon systems, battle command systems, torpedo compartment, missile launching systems, and the officers and men living area Dengjun renovated a new, impressively at the head; Russian space exhibition, "World carrier layer, uniform layer of the former Soviet Union Medal" exhibition and flight deck on the MiG -23 fighters, helicopter gunships m -24, strong -5 fighter aviation regiment composed of such a powerful display of magnificent and unique; can be entertainment items, such as participation in military combat simulation demonstration, simulated space launch, guns firing, the aircraft carrier battle movies, relying on modern high-tech, full use of sound, light, electricity and other means, an exciting and colorful; exotic Russian songs and dances colorful performances; the flight deck of the guard of honor on the magnificent performances fascinating.

5 Meisha beach park

Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is located in the eastern part of small Meisha beach, 30 kilometers away from the downtown area of Shenzhen City, one of top ten tourist attractions in Shenzhen City, the largest seaside resort.

 Small Meisha mountain beside the sea, surrounded by a tropical rain forest area, endless white sandy beaches, and Hong Kong distant relative. The newly completed "Ocean World" where every day, dolphins, sea lions, seals, wonderful performances, it is eye-opening.

Meisha resort built on a small stretch of beach next to the 1000 meters, not only the vast bathing beach, as well as sea parachute, motor boats, submarines, and other entertainment projects; villas, restaurants, shopping malls, tents, barbecue and other services readily available.

6 Chung Ying Street

In Shenzhen Yantian District, Sha Tau Kok, a side street because the street side belongs to Shenzhen, the other side belongs to Hong Kong, so "one street, two systems" Sino-British Street, also known as "special economic zones in the SAR."

    Since the Government introduced a tax exemption on the street, this street became famous shopping destination, the Sino-British Street in cheap gold jewelry and imported electrical appliances has been the focus of visitors to buy. In addition to gold jewelry, the Sino-British Street in food, daily necessities, but also cheaper than anywhere else. In recent years, the mainland market goods has enriched many, the advantages of the Sino-British Street Market, is not good as before, but there are a lot of commodity prices are still cheaper than elsewhere.

Chung Ying Street, both in Shenzhen residents (except residents of Sha Tau Kok) or the visitors, must be holded by the public security department issued a "special permits for entry." Although the Shenzhen side of the street sign marked "No cross-border," but visitors can still come to Hong Kong side of the shops.

7 Diwang Building

Diwang sightseeing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong's Window ", the tallest building in Shenzhen, Wang Tower (384 meters) of the top is Asia's first high-level tourist spot. It Shenzhen and Hong Kong urban landscape and high-tech entertainment, combining fun, informative in one, with 15 amusement parks, followed by pioneering the century, Shenzhen and Hong Kong Festival, South Wang in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Hong Kong a century, Shenzhen and Hong Kong thoroughfare, business opportunities, lakes and mountains, night city, fun ecology, the central spot, recreation space, North bird's-eye view of Shenzhen, pirate legends, gourmet style and shopping experiences.

"Nan Wang Hong Kong", "North bird's-eye view of Shenzhen" District 360-degree view overlooking the Shenzhen, Hong Kong, the "one country two systems" in Hong Kong and Shenzhen customs panoramic view of the city; "Pirates Legends" adopt the international advanced multi-dimensional film and television, so that visitors feel a strong audio-visual effects of shock; the United States a new generation of hi-tech intelligent robot is the most loyal partners in the children; "Century initiative, the Shenzhen centuries, simulated airplane, fun ecology, Lan Gui Fang," such as Shenzhen and Hong Kong were about the century-old honor Changes , the Shenzhen and Hong Kong displayed the characteristics of leisure, so that people can enjoy life at high altitude.

8 Safari animal zoo 

China's first open zoo, a return to basics - Shenzhen Safari Park. The park covers an area of 1.2 million square meters, opened in 1993, is China's first set of animals, forests, plants, science and many other features and viewing capabilities for a new one with a sub-tropical garden eco-environmental system of the Scenic Area.

The park is like deep inside an urban port city bright green pearl, the park everywhere pleasant phase, King are fascinating. Stretching north of Castle Peak to screen; south in more than 30 stone giant animals; the east, the lush Li Zhilin; west rippling blue waves of the Xili Lake. Here fresh air, quiet environment; small bridges, cliff waterfalls, lakes and mountains exist side by side.

Here is also stocked with more than 300 varieties, 10000 long (only) of wild animals. One beast area, thrills; waterfowl lake glitters prettily and Yan, flocks of birds play chase; grazing animals district Qunshou wander. Station Lane 4 animal shows are wonderful performances. In particular, large animals Square Show "of" action "of" people "movement," ", by more than 300 actors and nearly the first appearance of animals, magnificent spectacle, be called the world's firs。

9 Livestock farm

is located in the north-west, with large tracts of forest, orchards and large-scale mu of pasture, mountains dotted with seven reservoirs, there are numerous ponds dotted with beautiful environment, air and pleasant.

    Livestock farms are large-scale pig farms, dairy farms, as well as Asia's largest pigeon farm and Guangdong's largest meat products plants; major farm producing high quality fruit of litchi, mango, longan, yellow, oranges and other fruits; vegetables specialized production base of pollution-free vegetables. A good ecological environment and developed modern agriculture and animal husbandry, so that the local tourism projects unique. Here visitors can climb mountains, ride a cow, milking, feeding pigeons, is fun; can also go to school leavers educated youth house in the year appreciate the simple life; or go to the old village of Jingkou watch the traditional martial arts and lion dance performances; in the "return Pavilion" overlooking the scenery can be good.

10 OCT(Oersea’s China Town)

The two major theme parks

Heroes Valley Adventure Park in order to "Man and Nature" as its theme, set mountainous country parks and urban theme park in one to realize the natural landscape, ecological concepts and entertainment experience, innovative combination of science education, mainly including risk-taking beaches, fjords forest , Ashley Highfield, the town, exploring valleys and sea of clouds and heights to five themes, natural fantasy theme park for tourists to experience the joy of bringing different.

Tea Valley Resort Park, presents a green world, flower world, blending Chinese and Western world and the leisure world, leisure tourism and cultural expression, including: Interlaken, wetlands and gardens, three continents tea, tea MAVOUNGOU town as well as the water golf driving range, the roof can be opened-formed Tennis Hall, East OCT large theaters. Recently, tea valley will build a ski resort for tourists to create a tropical romantic snow in the world.