Four Ancient Towers Tours – Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China

Four Ancient Towers

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Four pagodas in four locations, China, Liaoning Province, Shenyang

About this place

The four towers, like most of Shenyang’s historical sites, were built around 1643 during the early Qing Dynasty. The towers symbolize the four Buddhist Heaven Kings, and originally marked the borders of the city. The four towers, aptly named “North Tower”, “South Tower”, “East Tower”, and “West Tower”, do in fact appear quite similar to each other. The towers themselves are white, bulb-shaped structures, with gold decoration on the top. Each one is surrounded by a small Buddhist temple. Reportedly the North Tower is the best restored and maintained tower. 
The towers are pretty unspectacular, so don’t plan a whole day around visiting them. Entrance is free, however, so if you happen to be in the area of one of the towers, they are worth a look. The official operating hours are a bit unclear. The apparently sometimes close a bit early, so it’s best to go in the morning. 
Locations: (click on pictures for larger images)
North Tower 北塔 běi tǎ:
This tower is probably the most popular tower among visitors. It is located on Wang Hua Jie (望花街), which is the same road as Xiao Bei Guan Jie (小北关街). It’s 2 km northeast of the North Train Station, and 2-3 km southeast of Beiling Park. Coming from the city center, it’s on the way to the 9-18 Museum, so consider making a stop on the way there. 
Useful Bus Routes:
131 to/from Beiling Park East Gate, Shenyang University
213 to/from Beiling Park, Orthopedic Hospital, Middle Street, Imperial Palace, Wu Ai Market, South Tower
245 to/from Beiling Park, Orthopedic Hospital, South Tower
299 to/from 9-18 Museum, Liaoning University
325 to/from North Station, 9-18 Museum
328 to/from Ma Lu Wan, South Station, Xi Ta, Government Square, Huigong Square, 9-18 Museum
611 to/from South Station, Taiyuan Street, Xi Ta, Huigong Square
South Tower 南塔 nán tǎ:
South Tower is located in Shenhe District (沈河区) on Wencui Lu (文萃路) just behind Shoe City. 
Useful Bus Routes:
113 to/from Shenyang University
135 to/from Tiexi Square, Heping Square, San Hao Street, Exhibition Center
213 to/from Beiling Park, North Tower, Middle Street, Imperial Palace
224 to/from North Station, Wu Ai Market, Huigong Square
239 to/from San Hao Street, Exhibition Center, Heping Square
282 to/from Xi Ta, Fangxing Square, Nanhu Park, San Hao Street, Exhibition Center, Sports Park
286 to/from Summer Palace
环 to/from San Hao Street, Exhibition Center, Heping Square, Imperial Palace, Middle Street, Taiyuan Street, Zhongshan Square, South Train Station
West Tower 西塔 xī tǎ:
The area surrounding the West Tower is known as “Korea Town”, and is home to a large population of Koreans, as well as many Korean bars, restaurants, massage parlors, etc. click for more info on "Korea Town". The tower is at the east end of Shifu Road, at the beginning of Xi Ta Korea street. 
Useful Bus Routes:
249 to/from Furniture City, U.S. Consulate, Taiyuan Street, Zhongshan Square, Fangxing Square
252 to/from Furniture City, Bei Hang
255 to/from South Station, Liaoning University
611 to/from South Station, Taiyuan Street, South Tower, Huigong Square
East Tower 东塔 dōng tǎ:
Located in Da Dong District (大东区) on Chang An Lu (长安路). 
Useful Bus Routes:
237 to/from Wu Ai Market, Ma Lu Wan, Taiyuan Street, South Station, Tiexi Square

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Different towers in Shenyang.
<p>These towers are not looks like the traditional Buddhism towers, but i think i saw something similar in Beijing, the one near Beihai.But i dont know if the are the same or not.<br /> Does anyone know about this?</p>

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