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Eating in Shaoxing

Eating is Shaoxing is one of the most important elements of your travel. By the food, you can taste another part of this old city.

Shaoxing has many restaurants with different tastes. People in Shaoxing spend much money on their food. Especially during the Spring Festival (Chinese Lunar New Year), all the family members are gathering together to have dinner everyday in different restaurants. It lasts to the last day of their holiday. To taste this special city by food, I suggest the tourists some special restaurants in Shaoxing.

 Normally you don't need to make a reservation for these restaurants. But during the special time, for instance the Spring Festival, you have to make reservation in most of the restaurants, at least 3 days in advance.

Special Local Food Restaurant

The special local food in Shaoxing is the best way for tourists to taste the city, there many nice restaurants in Shaoxing, most of them are located in or around the city center.

1. Xian Heng Restaurant (咸亨酒店)

2. Hui Ji Shan Restaurant (会稽山酒楼)

3. Xian Xian Restaurant (仙鲜饭店)

4. Xi Le Restaurant  (喜乐饭店)

Western  Food Restaurant

For the tourists from the western countries, if you are not interested in the Chinese food, you can also eat in some western food restaurants. If you are tired of traveling around, you can also stop for a cup of coffee and desert.

1. Yi Wei Yuan Pizza House (意味缘比萨屋)

2. Jin Yi Pin Steak Restaurant (金一品牛排馆)

3. Mei Fu Nong Hand-make Chocolate House (美芙浓手工浓情巧克力馆)

4. Miao Shi Jiao (妙士角情缘休闲屋)