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Luxun's Native Place

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No. 393 Luxun Zhong Lu, Shaoxing, China, Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing
Hours : 8:30am-5pm

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Located on Luxun Middle Street, the Luxun Native Place has undergone significant development since its designation as a tourist attraction. The street contains a number of sites such as Luxun Museum, Luxun's Former Residence, and Sanwei Shuwu, where Luxun conducted his studies. Luxun Middle Street is also home to many traditional Chinese restaurants, cafes, and bookshops. When strolling along the street, you will feel as if you are part of one of Luxun's timelss novels. Luxun Native Place is a fantastic opportunity to soak in classic Chinese culture in the "Oriental Venice".


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Re: Luxun's Native Place

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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<p>It Is the most intact, the most cultural connotation of the ancient city of Shaoxing City, and the ancient history of the ancient city of classical style of the historic district</p>
Re: Luxun's Native Place

By Shaolu86,

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<p>Lu Xun&rsquo;s birthday anniversary falls on September 25. The same day 122 years ago, Lu Xun was born in a bedroom of his home located in the downtown Shaoxing. In order to commemorate Lu Xun, Lu Xun Native Place (the first phase project of a tourist attraction) will open to public&nbsp; unofficially on September 25 and will be open to visitors officially on October 1.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Shaoxing is well known place in China.
<p>Shaoxing is well known in China, most important reason is because it`s Luxun`s home town. Everyone knows him, and knows his home town, because in his books he wrote many things about Shaoxing,&nbsp; Kongyiji (孔乙己),&nbsp; Huixiang Dou (茴香豆), Sanwei Shuwu (三味书屋), Baicaoyuan (百草园), i studied this almost 15 years ago, but i can still remember it hence it`s really special. <br /> I would love to go there visit and i highly recommend you to go too. </p>
A geat writer healed people`s broken heart.
<p>Yes, Lu Xun is very famous writer in China. His articles healed many Chinese broken hearts, people were so encouraged to fight for new life and fight for China`s freedom. <br /> When i was in elementary school and high school, we studied his articles every semester, and some of the good articles we were requested to memorize them. His books influence Chinese a lot at that unsteadily social.</p>
Lu Xun is China`s most influential modern writer and essayist
<p><img height="294" width="200" alt="" src="/sites/default/files/image/luxun.jpg" /><br /> <br /> Lu Xun is China`s most influential modern writer and essayist. Born in 1881 in Shaoxing, Lu Xun went to Japan to study medicine. His life changed when one night he and other Chinese students were ordered to watch a slideshow of Chinese prisoners being executed by Japanese soldiers.<br /> <br /> His indignation and more

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