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The East Lake


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Dong Hu Town, Yue Cheng Dist., China, Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing
Hours : 8am-5pm

About this place

Along with the West Lake in Hangzhou and the South Lake in Jiaxing, Shaoxing’s East Lake make up the three most famous lakes in Zhejiang Province. The East Lake is smaller than its counterparts, but it is regarded as a magical lake by the Chinese. The combination of cliffs, grottos, and stone bridges is the reason why the East Lake deserves its magical reputation. Taking a boat ride on the East Lake, you can discover its natural beauty from a variety of viewpoints. You can also take the boat into the caves, and you will be simply awed by the scenery. From the mountain top beside East Lake, you can enjoy another unbeatable view of the "Oriental Venice".

Local bus routes No. 1, 107, 117, 137, 157, 207.

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New place to me!

<p>I have to admit this is the first time i heard of East Lake, but i do know West Lake and went there before, and it do sounds interesting, if i have another chance to go to Zhejiang, i will be there.</p>

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