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Tang Club


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8 Chaoyang Park West Gate Beijing, Beijing, China
Hours : 8.30pm-4am

About this place

Voted by trendy "Beijing This Month" magazine as the Best Club of 2007, Tang attracts an in-crowd of Beijing youth. Brightly decorated with purple neon and fibre optic cables, Tang offers karaoke suites on the second floor while downstairs a diet of lounge music, hip-hop and funky house music is served.

When Tang first launched in early 2007, our reviewer described it as having “all the subtlety of a crashed camp spaceship.” The club has since closed and reopened, but our original assessment still holds true. There are several laowai waitresses, and nightly shows from Venezuelan band F4 Ache plays. An aggressive events bombardment – different theme nights, drink specials, live dancers and competitions – draws club rats looking for flash and glitz on a budget, though the effort to cover all bases leaves Tang with a slightly schizophrenic feel.

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