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Dali Courtyard


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No. 67 xiaojingchang hutong, nanluoguxiang area, Gulou east street, Dong cheng district, Beijing, China

About this place

Yunnan cuisine often eat roast fish.  It tastes more fresh in Dali Yard because it choose tilapia which only live in living Waters. The roast fish above dozens of spices with Southeast Asian style, so the fish always let the nose and eyes to feel the delicious temptation, and the collocation is dipped in water in a Yunnan restaurant is authentic standard, this fish can also be fried rice can also eat collocation, squeeze lemon juice, or special dipping method grilled pepper grinding eat, a fish can eat amorous taste ah!

With banana leaf wrapped all ingredients in a charcoal barbecue cooking method is used in Dali, Yunnan special package burning various fungi not only delicious and healthy, if you catch the matsutake season, can not miss good opportunity to enjoy the value of the most expensive mushrooms, but this depends on your luck, because "Dali yard" dishes, dishes every day change

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