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Black Dragon Pond


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Daguan Bridge, Shicheng Township, Miyun District, Beijing, Beijing, China
Hours : 7:00-18:00

About this place

The Black Dragon Pond is a popular summer resort located in Miyun District. It is about 93 kilometers northeast of Beijing.

The resort’s entire landmass covers an area of 9 acres. The scenic spot is a four-kilometer-long deep valley with a drop in elevation of 220 meters. Peaks on the South and north sides often rise from 300 to 500 meters. However, the bottom of the valley is as deep as 150 to 370 meters. The valley itself is narrow and is beset in a spiraling like structure, with precipitous cliffs towering on the both sides. The area is home to 18 lagoons and three waterfalls, which are like shining pearl pillars erected in the valley.

Major views include the Tongtian Waterfall, which sits above a sheer cliff and bears a height of 50 meters. There is also the Miren Cave, which serves as a passageway to the top of the Tongtian Waterfall, the Luoyan Pond, the Suspending Pond, the Sinking Pond and the Bottomless Pond. The masterpiece is, of course, the Black Dragon Pond. It is quite often referred to as the deepest pond in Beijing. Every summer, visitors from around the city visit the pond in order to escape the bustling city scene. During the winter, varied waterfalls and icicles surround the lagoons, offering a more poetic overtone to the views.

Featured Attractions: With charming views, the Black Dragon Pond has a beautiful legend. It is said that once upon a time there were two brother dragons. When they grew up and had to part, the virtuous black dragon gave their home--the Bailong (White Dragon) Pond--to the white dragon, and went to reside in grassless and waterless Heilong (Black Dragon) Pond. He strove hard to build a new home, causing a god to present him with 18 pearls. The black dragon sprayed the pearls, hence the 18 ponds. Many of the ponds were named from the dragon and the legend, for instance, Dragon Paddle Pond, Pearl Bunch, and Residential Pond of the Black Dragon etc.

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