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Trekker's paradise- Haba mountain

Haba mountain is loated in the south east Shangrila county, elevation of  Its peak is 5396m above sea level.  Haba mountain is in the south east of Himalaya mountain,  belongs to the Hengduan mountain range (横断山脉).   Haba mountian the climbing paraise for hikers.   because of the monsoon season, Its very windy in Jan. to feb. , The best season to climb the mountain is Oct to Dec.

In the southeast of Shangri-la County lie the Haba Snow Mountains that are named after the Haba Village at the foot. Haba means "the place for bumper grain harvest" in the language of Naxi people. The Haba Snow Mountains go from north to south, and their 5,396-meter peak surrounded by four minor peaks looks like a crown shining in the distance. Due to the sharp differences in altitude, there are different climate types in the mountains. It is the distribution center of the azalea, the primrose and the gentian, and these celebrated flowers have gained a reputation of "the mother of world gardens" for the Haba Snow Mountains.