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Niru village


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Niru village, Luoji township, Shangrila city, Yunnan Province, China , China, Yunnan Province, Shangri La
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About this place

Niru village in located in Luoji township of Shangrila city ,Yunnan Province.  With  Daocheng county of Sichuan in the North, and Muli county of Sichuan in the east.

The history of Niru can be dated back to 7th century, Ancestors of Tibetan migrated from Tibet, Qinghai province in the north all the way to south then settled down along Riru river.   Till now, people living in Niru are Tibetan and they still living a traditional way of life-  farming and herding.  they believe in the primitive "Bon" religion (old belief of old Tibet).

108 Tibetan family living in Niru, Niru had the most most beautiful and primitive natural scenery in China.  It is known as a mysterious land in Shangrila and No.1 Villlage around the globe !   famous attraction around Niru are : Nanbao alpine pasture,  Diji pasture, The coloerfull waterfall and Premitive Tibetan village.   in Niru is known as one of the best 7 trekking destionation in Shangrila.  The other 6 trekking destionation are: Yubeng village on the foot of Meili mountain,  Haba mountain trekking,  Tiger leaping gorge, Baima snow mountain ,  Balagezong grand canyon and Thousands lakes mountain (千湖山) !

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