Black sea camping on Haba mountain Tours – Shangri La, Yunnan Province, China

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Black sea camping on Haba mountain


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Black sea, Haba mountain, Haba village, Shangrila county, Yunnan Province, China, Yunnan Province, Shangri La
Hours : 07:00-20:00

About this place

Black sea, a natural alpine lake on Haba snow mountain.  at the elevation of 4100m above sea level. 

It takes around 7 hours trekking from Haba village to Black sea, on the way you will pass by Waterfalls, alpine meadows and Vergin forest.   

Best season to hike to black sea is Autumn and early summer,  the hills beside the lake were covered with purple azaleas and Rhododendron in color of Pink and purple.     When autume is comingl,  it looks like  god's palette -  a colorful landscape of mountain and lakes around Black lake,  a  breeze blowing, with warm sunshine, shimmering on the  lake, like countless diamonds dancing on the water.     Black sea is a white fairy tale world in  wintertime.   

Black sea is an ideal place for Star watching tour in Autumn and Spring ,  the sky is full of stars in the evening and you can enjoy milky way as the air is thinner and there is no light polution on the high mountain.     it is also a nice  trainning base before your trip to the top of Haba snow mountain. 

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