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Talking About Shanghai

Have being tour guide almost for one and half years in Shanghai, I got some feelings from Shanghai.

Shanghai is a city which means international, modernity in Chinese people's eyes. While  foreigners first comes to Shanghai or China, they may feel  Shanghai or China is still very poor. They may not sure about the security and safety of Shanghai. However after they see the whole city, they will feel it's so different from their imagination.

I would not say Shanghai is the best or the worst. It mixed by both sides. Just like most  big cities do, they have good sides and bad sides, rich area or poor area. When we talk about Shanghai, we should have a general view of it. But  anyway Shanghai was developed so much in the past 30 years since Chinese government reforms and opens to foreign countries.

Today we see Pudong area located so many tall buildings.  Shanghai world financial center has 492 m high.  But not far away just the opposite side, there are so raggedy houses. If you saw only the good side of Shanghai, when you see these houses, will you surprised? Vice verse.

One thing I must mention here. My dear tourists, Shanghai is a very safe city, here the security are very good. When you walk around the streets, there are a lot of guards or even polices. If you happened have something, you could ask them for help. But usually nothing will happen on you.

I like Shanghai since I was a little girl. One day when my father showed a smoke pack with a big ship drawing, from then on I feel I got special feelings about Shanghai. I like Shanghai, the costal city. Here near the East Sea. Huangpu river runs from North to South, Suzhou river runs from east to west. I love water, the city everywhere full of water. So it suit me.

Shanghai's culture is comprehensive. It had almost 100 years' colony time, so the western culture also appeared here. Other side, such as the poor houses, the local people they still live in such houses. We can see usually just nearby the tall buildings, there are some tile-roofed houses. I think the tall buildings and tile-roof housed composed a Shanghai.

Other things, you feel unbelievable, it just the culture different.  The original concept different made the way to understand things different.

But when I summarize Shanghai, I would say Shanghai is a beautiful city. Even the poor houses they had a kind of favor.