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Fuxing Park


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No.105 Yandang Road, China, Shanghai
Hours : 6:00 - 18:00

About this place

Fuxing Park, literally Renaissance Park, is located in the former French Concession, near Nanchang Road. The park, about 10 hectares in size, is designed in the French style, with a central lake, fountains, flowerbeds, pavilions, corridors, rockeries. Early morning, the park is filled with dancers, group singers, card and chess players, sport lovers, and Taichi practitioners and artisits.

Fuxing Park is a perfect place for spending a slow time in (or out of) the sun, as there are many shady areas and benches. When night falls, it turns to be favorable for night life. A many dainty restaurants, featured shops and mind-blowing bars scattered in the nearby Yandang Road, Sinan Road and Huaihai Road render it the most attractive public park in the city.

10 - 15 min walk from either Xiantindi Station of Metro Line 10 or South Huanpi Road Station of Metro Line 1

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