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Top 10 Scenic Spots by West Lake

苏堤春晓 Su Causeway in the Morning of Spring
Due to the dredging carried out by Su Dongpo (1037-1101), the prefect of Hangzhou and great poet of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), “Su Causeway in the Morning of Spring” ranked the top of the ten scenic places in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) with the picturesque view at spring dawn that on the causeway, there are six bridges set off by the intercropped pink peaches and green willows, full of freshness and poetry.

南屏晚钟 Evening Bell Ringing at Nanping Hill
The name of the scenic place appeared firstly in the painting of the great artisit Zhang Zeduan of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). When the bell in the Jinci Temple is rung in the evening, the sonorous and lingering sound scatters in a broad space of stillness. It echoes through the peaks and forest in the rising mist, not only lingering in the quiet temple but also reaching as far as the shore of West Lake, which forms an attractive aesthetic atmosphere of profound significance over the holy pilgrimage.

断桥残雪 Lingering Snow on Broken Bridge
Overlooking from the Baoshi Hill to the south in a fine day after a snowfall, the snow-covered Bai Causeway, laying beneath a blanket of snow, looks like a long silver chain over the lake, which seems to break up abruptly when it reaches the end of the causeway, where the dark surfaces of the bridge emerger from the melting snow, and that is the exact magical scene of “the bridge breaks as the snow melts”.

三潭印月 Three Pools Mirroring the Moon
As a famous view on the lake, the scenic place was originally derived from the three small stone pagodas erected by Su Dongpo (1037-1101) of the Northern Song Dynasty (1127-1368), who carried out the dredging project on West Lake. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), it was reconstructed in a different location. This scenic place is famous for viewing the moon scene in the night of Mid-Autumn Festival. When the full bright moon hangs in the sky, candles are lit in the three pagodas. The moon and he shimmering water reflect with each other, forming a fully poetic view.

柳浪闻莺 Orioles Singing in the Willows
It used to be the lakeside imperial garden “Jujing Garden” built by the imperial court of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Along the 2.5 kilometer winding bank of the lake lined by a row of willows, with weeping branches swaying in the breezes. Along the willows, orioles flap by the warble their mild and melodious songs.

花港观鱼 Viewing Fish at Flowery Pond
This scenic place was originally situated at the entrance of a brook beside the Huajia Hill to the West Lake, with winding pond sides and an islet piled in a natural way in the pond. In sping time, there is an intoxicating view that the pond, with a rich variety of blossoming flowers and trees swaying in the worm breezes, has thousands of carps clothed with petals sucking the floating petals here and there, which is indeed a feast for the eyes.

曲院风荷Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Winding Garden
It was originally an official winery callled Yeast Garden beside Jiulisong in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Lotus flowers are planted near the shore. When the flowers are in full blossom in summer, they form a charming and poetic scene with stretches of pink lotus flowers, which are set off by the green lotus leaves on the tranquil water surface, while the gentle breeze carries the fragrance of the lotus flowers, giving the visitors a feeling of refreshmen and delight.

雷峰夕照 Leifeng Pagoda in the Evening Glow
The scenic place consists of Leifeng Pagoda, Xizhao Hill and the imperial stele of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). When at sunset, the pagoda reflected by the gorgeous evening glow stands on the peaceful hill and casts itself with a grand outline in the sky. The scene of “Leifeng Pagoda in the Evening Glow” vanished after the pagoda collapsed in the 1920s. However, it came back in 2002 with the completion of the pagoda-shaped building, which was designed to protect the remains of the pagoda.

双峰插云 Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds
In the Southern Dynasty (1127-1279), there used to be two ancient pagodas respectively on the Nangao (South) Peak and Beigao (North) Peak. The name of this scenic place derived from the scene that on the cloudy days with mist in the air, it seems as if an enchanting landscape painting was hanging in the sky, with the peaks disappearing and appearing amidst the drifting clouds while the spires of the pagodas clear and bright. The two pagodas collapsed afterwards, leaving the view with two peaks still amidst clouds and rains.

平湖秋月 Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake
It is located at the south foot of Gushan Hill, with lake side high and grand pavilion and tower built over the lake. On the autumn night, it offers the visitors the broad views of a celestial world, with the moon shining full and bright in the sky, reflected on the shimmering water, and the water and the sky merging in one color of green jade at the far end.