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Homestay Global - Shanghai


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Jiaozhou Road 639, Shanghai, China, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou, Shanghai

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Homestay means staying with a host family while traveling away from one’s own home, and is a very popular way of accommodation worldwide for travelers. Homestayglobal.Com, HSG as its abbreviation used here below, is a website which assists homestay providers and guests to practice this activity and to meet all other related needs with its service via internet. Unlike most homestay intermediary agents, HSG provides its users with freedom of information release, independent communication between a host and a guest and self-service platform including demonstration page, searching and booking, etc. It contributes a comprehensive service platform for individuals, families and related institutions that choose to practice homestay by themselves, rather than a homestay business intermediary agent, with easy access, lower cost or even free. HSG has changed the traditional process of homestay agency and works in accordance with the modern trend of today’s life. It does so by offering informations and services not only for homestay activites as well as for language and culture study, traveling and making friends etc. People come here not only for finding a room but also a new life where he or she goes far from homeland or hometown. HSG promotes itself as a new style of living way. It helps travelers to feel home everywhere by its various services and activities. HSG starts now from Shanghai with its first footprint but shall extend it's service rapidly all over the world. HSG, a new home for travelers.

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