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No.666, Tianyaoqiao Lu, Shanghai, China, Shanghai
Hours : 8:30pm-2:00am

About this place

Okay, this bar is unbelievable. Yes is not just a bar; it is a lonely hearts club, promoting dating and love. The music is the best of all things saccharine. The menu contains not only bar offerings, but also dating advice, affirmations and motivation. This bar is the newest version of “pimp” I have ever seen.

You are greeted at the door by a welcome chorus of waiters in Las Vegas style silk shirts who lead you to your seat. Once nestled into your seat, the staff then scurries about playing cupid, hoping to make a match between two people looking for love.

All joking aside, I love this bar because of its honesty. Being a total romantic, I like the idea that there is a bar in Shanghai (or indeed ANYWHERE in the world) that is promoting love that lasts longer than two cocktails, a slow dance and a taxi ride home.

With cocktails at 40RMB and a funky neon interior, Yes is well worth a visit. Couples out there who observing these creatures (AKA single people) in their natural habitat will particularly enjoy a night at Yes. Singletons  out there don’t be shy! Yes is a great place to try and meet that special someone.

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