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Xujiahui Cathedral

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No.158 Puxi Lu, China, Shanghai

About this place

Xujiahui Cathedral is located on the south side of the bustling Xujiahui area of Shanghai. It is the largest cathedral in the city, and was once regarded as the most majestic Catholic Church in the Far East.  As a result, it is under city-level protection.

Designed by W.M. Dowdall, the cathedral was built in 1910 by the French Shanghai Construction Company for use by the Jesuits.

The building is 80 meters high and there are two 50 meter high bell towers on the north and south ends. The main aisle is home to a Parisian made Virgin Mary and the architectural design is that of a cross. Stained glass windows destroyed during the Cultural Revolution are currently being replaced.

The Cathedral can hold 2500 worshippers.


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Re: Xujiahui Cathedral

By Gedeon,

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<p>It's always nice to have a place to think about the meaning of life.</p>
Re: Xujiahui Cathedral

By Qinqin,

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<p>The easiest way to reach&nbsp;Xujiahui Cathedral is to take Line 1 and get off from exit 3 from Xujiahui station and walk about 400 meters. then you will see the Church in front of you.&nbsp;</p> <p>And you can always see some new couples are taking wedding photos in front of church on a sunny weekends.&nbsp;</p>
Re: Xujiahui Cathedral

By Julia Zhu,

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<p>a relic of culture and architecture.</p>

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