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Cotton Club


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No.8 Fuxing Xilu, Shanghai, China, Shanghai
Hours : 8pm-Late

About this place

For those who prefer to listen to jazz in a notably relaxed atmosphere, Cotton Club is the place to be. The music is a bit more blues and soul than rival CJW, and the lighting is low and unpretentious. Musicians are foreigners, established within their own right and of an exceptionally high quality. The jazz is authentic and boy, it is loud. Don’t sit near the stage if you want to keep your ear drums intact.

Cocktails cost around 50RMB with bottles of beer around 30-40RMB. Cotton Club features a real wooden bar with delightfully stereotypical moody bartenders. I will honestly buy anyone a drink who can coax a smile out of the gal with glasses!! Cotton also has wooden booths.

Cotton Club emits the feeling that it’s totally cool to stop by wearing a jeans and a T-shirt and just enjoy some jazz. Those with tastes that are marginally more high brow than that should probably stick with CJW.

One the weekends be sure to reserve a table in advance, as the music commonly goes on well after 1am.

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Re: Cotton Club

By Julia Zhu,

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good name ,as relaxed as cotton.
Re: Cotton Club

By Qinqin,

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pretty busy at weekend. it was almost packed when i went there last time.

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