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Shanghai Ocean Aquarium


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No. 158, Yincheng Bei Lu, Shanghai (near the Pearl Tower), China, Shanghai
Hours : 9am-6pm

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Those with little ones in tow, or if you are just a big kid like me, then I recommend the Pudong Aquarium. There are two aquariums in Shanghai; the other located in Changfeng Park. In my opinion the Pudong Aquarium is far better. However, with tickets costing 110RMB per person, it is certainly a pricey option.

The aquarium is divided into sections with marine life corresponding to various parts of the world including the Rivers in China, the Amazon, the Poles, the Mediterranean, Africa, Europe, and the Coral Reefs. My personal favorite section is the Arctic, whose attention craving penguins simply love the cameras!!

Each section is beautifully constructed, and the AC is carefully controlled to correspond with the natural environment of the marine life in each section.

The shark tunnel is the longest I have ever been through, and being a penguin enthusiast, I have visited aquariums all over the world!

The price of admission is certainly a downside, but by Western standards, the admission is still a bargain at approximately $14. The aquarium only requires a few hours of your time, so I suggest combining it with a trip to the Pearl Tower, its lofty neighbor. The head across the street for lunch/dinner in the Grand Super Mall.  Zoe’s is a fantastic eatery located in the Mall. Alternatively, jump on metro line 2 and head just one stop to Century Park or two stops to the Science and Technology museum.


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Re: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

By Tran Jenny,

For the best Vietnam experience & unforgettable trip


i dare say it was so nice and interesting to enjoy my time there. you should not miss it if you are plan to china
Re: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

By Kungfu Panda,

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good information.thanks 
Re: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

By Chris Tan,

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After visited those two aquariums, I also agree that the Pudong Aquarium is far better.
Re: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

By Shaolu86,

Your professional, experienced, knowledgeable tour guide


 It is a great place for families to take a holiday.Children love to see the sea animals and watch animal play .
Re: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

By Eric Denny,

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ok.seemd not bad to see fishes
Re: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

By Gedeon,

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A great place to go with your children!
Re: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

By Julia Zhu,

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A very nice place!
Re: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

By tourguideleo,

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very awesome ,and  a lot of fun here.recommendated
Re: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

By Qinqin,

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it is worthy for families with kids to visit.

Price is now 135RMB/person. Nice aquarium but I regretted the fact that you cannot go back to see a room again: the automatic stairs work only in one direction! So, take your time when you visit!

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